Rage City Cypher Photos
Photos from the Rage City Cypher. › Read more
Q&A with Valley Boy Choze
My name's Justin Odom. I go by Valley Boy Choze. I'm the founder of 574 Ent. and part of UTN Records. I'm a jack of all trades when it comes to the music industry. I really do it all. I rap, produce, and mix and master tracks. › Read more
Q&A with Muldoon Manny
My name is Emmanuel "Muldoon Manny" Webster. I'm a rapper from East Anchorage, AK (Muldoon to be exact.) › Read more
Elan Brio
We sit down and get the low with Anchorage rapper/producer (by way of Texas and New Mexico) Kevin Bullock aka Elan Brio. › Read more
The Future for Alaskan Musicians….Is There One?
I used to have so much faith in the 907 music scene. I had big hopes for us as a state…..but I guess a part of me was just rooting for the underdogs….wanting so much for my state. Two years ago you could depend on me being at every local show, purchasing every local album, › Read more
…Jus When We Thought They Had It All
T.I., Lil Boosie, Gucci Mane, Shyne, DMX, C-Murder, Lil Wayne, Waka and countless others….All rappers who have been incarcerated on charges ranging from DUIs, drug and weapon possesion to Homicide…  some unfortunately before they even had a chance to blow up. We often look at entertainers in admiration of their glamerous lifestyles and what appears › Read more
Mao Tosi…Big Man On The Move
Mao Tosi hits the ground running and he won’t stop. Too much is on the line. Too many of our youth would be left behind. Too much progress has been made to let a few small setbacks deflate his larger than life dream.Mao is a household name in the Alaskan community. Raised in Anchorage, the › Read more
Not Just Joan
When asked her stage name, she shrugged her shoulders, licked her lips, shifted in her knee high stiletto boots and nonchalantly replied “Joan.”After seconds of an awkward stare as if something more unique was to follow she finished…”Just Joan!” Though her name is strikingly simple and far from street her rhymes are ironically a direct › Read more
Pen and paper have become a way of life for many rappers in the industry however, Jerremy Santacrose AKA AKream of Arctic Flow Records, doesn’t allow the lines of college ruled paper to restrict his creativity. After more than 15 years of rapping, sculpting his lyrical skills and nearly perfecting his craft, Akream has reached › Read more



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