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What is your connection to Alaska?

Military, College, Music, and family. It’s weird I been to Alaska for four separate reasons now. I never thought I would come back , but life is funny like that I guess.  Alaska and I have a connection. Lol its cool, I like it here it’s good place to make a life for yourself.

Where did you grow up, and what kind of music were you listening to then?

I grew up in two states. Amarillo, TX and Albuquerque, NM. I grew up listening to Ghetto Boys , Wu tang Clan, Nas, Jay -Z and Kirk Franklin.

What city are you currently residing in right now and how is the hip hop scene there?

Anchorage , AK. The hip hop scene seems to be pretty decent. Still new to it but it’s better than most cities I have seen.

At what age did you decide to start getting involved in music?

I started late at age 26. I was influenced by my homie who use to rap. I would just go over and hang with them and I just tried it, and I fell in love with Hip Hop even more. After that I started to grow rapidly. I bought a beat making program then I progressed into beats. I felt I could always hear beats in my head so I tried that too. I wanted to have my own signature sound like the rappers I admired so much.


Do you produce most of your tracks?

Yes I do. And sometimes I buy beats. It just depends on what I want to accomplish with the track.

What is your first love, producing or rapping?

Hard to say, I can honestly say I love both especially since I learned them both together. It was crazy I was able to express myself through both beats and my lyrics and it sounded unique. That was the goal.

How did you come up with your stage name?

I came up with my stage name Elan Brio because my wife suggested it. Elan- means zeal, vigor and full of energy in Hebrew. Brio – means the same thing. So we merged the names together. It was a perfect fit, it totally describes me, my music, and stage presence.

Is there a difference between hip-hop and rap?

I say yes Hip Hop music is self expressive and culture defining of the original hop hop culture. It is not main stream sounding for example early Kenderick Lamar, or underground guys like Phonetic, Theory Hazit and myself.

Rap is more mainstream for example stuff like TI, Trap music, Rick Ross . Hip hop has a element of reality based music. Rap has more glamor and glitz it is over played and all sounds the same in a way. It’s popular so people recycle that style but it’s not unique or different like hip hop in my opinion. The difference to me is Hip hop is more heart felt and meaningful. Rap is commercial and watered down.

How often do you perform and what do you enjoy about doing live shows?

I perform whenever a good opportunity comes along.. lol since I been in Ak for the last 6 months I’ve done about 7 shows. . So about a show a month on average. . I love the live show because the energy and connection you can get from the crowd. I also like to bring out my live drummer and DJ it’s gives the performance I beautiful blend that adds to the energy

Your dream collaboration?

My Dream collaboration would be to work with a legend in the game maybe rapping over a RZA beat and having a Jay-z or Nas rapping over one of my soul sample beats. I also would love to work with 9th Wonder and Illmind on a production side

What artist or bands are on your playlist right now?

Honestly I don’t listen to alot of music. But when I do I bump different stuff other that rap. . I love different styles it helps me understand song writing. I been on Florence and The Machines and Willie Hutch pretty hard lately..

Your top 5 rappers of all time?


How would you best describe your style of hip hop?

I would best describe my music as Hip Hop you don’t gotta be afraid of. It’s about life, love, and realities through my perspective. It has a good heartfelt and soulful sound that is you can relate to.

Live From The Tape Deck Promo

Any new projects in the works?

Yes I’m currently working on a project called “Live From The Tape Deck” Dropping mid to late June.

Is there any advice you wish you had gotten when you first got into the music business?

Yes. Get a good team behind you and spend money on promotion it takes money to make money. I’m still trying to figure it all out myself but those are key to success in hitting your target audience.

How do you see the local rap scene right now in Alaska? And your thoughts on making it better.

I see it as a good place but there is a lack of local listener support. There are local fans but we need to create more venues and draw more support. I believe it starts with quality music and gaining the respect of the fans no matter where you are. I believe the more diverse the scene is with different styles of rap then support will grow. I just hate hearing people talk bad about the scene. Most comments are negative and I think we gotta change that reality. So I hope I can do my part.

Where can we find you online?

Facebook Band page wwww.facebook.com/elanbriomusic
Instagram @elanbrio7
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ElanBrio777
Twitter: @elanbrio7
itunes, amazon, Google play store
Bandcamp and soundcloud.com/elanbrio

Any shout outs?

Shout out to my family and all the new and old Elan Brio fans. Thanks for the support.

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