…Jus When We Thought They Had It All

T.I., Lil Boosie, Gucci Mane, Shyne, DMX, C-Murder, Lil Wayne, Waka and countless others….All rappers who have been incarcerated on charges ranging from DUIs, drug and weapon possesion to Homicide…

 some unfortunately before they even had a chance to blow up. We often look at entertainers in admiration of their glamerous lifestyles and what appears to us as expendable income and wish that somehow we could trade our ordinary lives for theirs. Rappers have brought us back to reality! After the drug use and the epiphany that 100 people get paid before you ever even see a dime of your own money or life sucks after the drugs wear off, the stage lights fade and the groupies go home…..entertainers have reminded us of the cliche that “ALL THAT GLITTERS ISNT GOLD!” 

 Celebrities have struggles that us “normal” people just dont face or simply arent bothered by from artificial friendships to pressure to possess the shiniest most expensive items. The reality is this….you can have hundreds of carats and 20 lbs of platinum around your neck and still yet all you can think about is snortin a couple lines of coke to keep from passing out after weeks of all nighters….or perhaps you kill a person or people because they made you look bad in front of dozens of fans….or maybe you still sell dope because the money you make from record sales just isnt enough to maintain the image you started for yourself.


Im thinkin 1)Being a rapper requires alot more than jus makin tracks every couple of days 2)Money and Fame DO NOT make our lives better or easier, 3)If you are going to be in the public eye…you probably wanna be or appear to be as legit as possible, 4)Spend less money on material possesions and more on defense attorneys, 5)If you are an aspiring artist…Know that you’re in for a rough ride..not only do you have to try and make it…you have to try to keep it after you get….AND 6)TRY NOT TO GET INCARCERATED so we dont have to listen to low budget tracks recorded over the phone. Please and Thank YOU!



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