Not Just Joan

When asked her stage name, she shrugged her shoulders, licked her lips, shifted in her knee high stiletto boots and nonchalantly replied “Joan.”After seconds of an awkward stare as if something more unique was to follow she finished…”Just Joan!” Though her name is strikingly simple and far from street her rhymes are ironically a direct opposite. Detroit born

and AK bread lady emcee Joan Martin has put her foot in the game as one of the most exceptional lyricist of her time. From her high school years of aggressive battling to her more matured ballads, she is definitely one of the most well- rounded and talented artist the industry has seen in quite some time.

Although she is well known for her battle rapping skills as an adolescent, Joan has also grown to be a phenomenal writer. Her lyrics depict a troubled childhood, tough experiences as a female in the rap game, love stories gone bad, and the lost of many closest to heart.Her lyrics can be best described as feminine yet influential, borderline offensive yet genuine, and most importantly personal yet universally heart felt.Unlike many artists in the game Joan recognizes the significance of longevity, a realization that has motivated her to pursue other endeavors in the music industry aside from rapping.

Success bound, Joan began her own record label in 2007 entitled “At the Top Records.” The name was given as a tribute to Alaska the furthest north state in the US. “At the Top,” is also symbolic of her target location in the industry because unlike many, mediocrity is far from acceptable.Her desire to start her own label was not just another simple venture.Joan began “At the Top Records” as an attempt to avoid much of the corruption that occurs in the music industry between artist s and labels.

Despite her desires to make it big time, Joan values partnerships with other Alaskan artists. Her collaborations include songs with local artists: Mannish, AKream,Da Boii, DNA, and Joker the Bailbondsman. She plans to complete her EP summer of 2008 while polishing her LP. Upon completion she anticipates traveling the United States, tagging every major city with albums.She is currently relocating to the lower 48 not only to network but also to serve as a ambassador for Alaska’s unrecognized musical talent.

For all music heads awaiting a musical messiah, keep your eyes open and ears listening because she’s here to resurrect all the missing elements of the game: Lyrical talent, timeless tracks, and authenticity. Contrary to her name, she’s not “Just Joan.” With the combination of her skill and ambition she is sure to be the next thing circulating the airwaves and pounding through your speakers.



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