Q&A with Muldoon Manny


Quick Intro: My name is Emmanuel “Muldoon Manny” Webster. I’m a rapper from East Anchorage, AK (Muldoon to be exact.)

Q. Where did you grow up, and what kind of music were you listening to then?

A. I was born on a military base in California, but moved to Anchorage before I turned 1. I remember my mom having Tupac tapes, and Marky Mark and the funky bunch lol.

Q. At what age did you decide to start getting involved in music?

A. I still remember the first rap I ever wrote down! After cleaning my room I wrote “my room is so nice, my room is so nice, you can’t get it in a package!” I had to have been about 8 or 9.

Q. Is there a difference between hip-hop and rap?


A. People kill me with the real hip- hop shit. I guess Nas is hip-hop but Young Jeezy is rap? To me hip-hop is a culture. A culture in which ruled my generation! So to answer the question yea there is a difference, rapping is what you do on the mic. Hip-hop is a lifestyle.


Q. How often do you perform and what do you enjoy about doing live shows?


A. Last year, in 2013, I probably performed 50+ times. The best part is being able to interact with your fans. The energy that the crowd gives me as an artist is priceless.


Q. Your dream collaboration?


A. Pac if he were alive. But living I’d have to say Drake


Q. What artist or bands are on your playlist right now?


A. Muldoon Manny, Young Thug, Wiz Khalifa, Kevin Gates, Ish, Thugga, Zaya, Byrd Game, Lauryn Hill, Drake, Jhene Aiko….


Q. Your top 5 rappers of all time?


A. 2pac, Notorious BIG, Jay-Z, Eminem, Pimp C #UGK4Life hahaha


Q. How would you best describe your style of hip hop?


A. Street Poetry


Q. Any new projects in the works?


A. The Xanax Files August 5th

Q. How do you see the local rap scene right now in Alaska? And your thoughts on making it better.


A. I think it’s growing! Quality over quantity as far as making things better.


Q. Is there any advice you wish you had gotten when you first got into the music business?

A. Yea !!! This is a business treat it as such.

Q. Where can we find you online?

A. MuldoonManny.com

Q. Any shout outs?

A. SquAAAAd!!!!!

You can find Muldoon Manny’s latest album The Director’s Chair on iTunes.

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Twitter @muldoonmanny907

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Instagram @muldoonmanny907

Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCySJS6Hplnkqx5wqp-ukMlQ



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