The Future for Alaskan Musicians….Is There One?

I used to have so much faith in the 907 music scene. I had big hopes for us as a state…..but I guess a part of me was just rooting for the underdogs….wanting so much for my state.

Two years ago you could depend on me being at every local show, purchasing every local album, rockin every local artist paraphenilia created. It seems that as I get older one of two things is happening…..either i’m growing weary wondering wether theres even a slight possibilty that anyone is capable of putting Alaska on the map or two…I am realizing there is no consistency in artistry, motivation and production so I as a fan and as a critic am constantly being let down. There are so few local artist now that are on their grind, constantly fighting to stay current and doing what it takes to make sure their perfecting their crafts.

In ’08 and ’09 local hip hop was as an all time high. Artist were motivated… could feel a sense of hunger like there was actually something to be won. New artist were on the rise and pioneers were releasing new material. It was the rebirth of Alaskan Hip Hop after it took a hit losing legends like Joker the Bailbondsman and Maxamillion of Industrial Entertainment to incarceration. After 2009 we hit a brick wall. Record labels were breaking up, more artist were getting locked up and rappers that had just began to build an audience were moving away. From that point on the talent pool depleted. Very few artist were able to substain a crowd of followers.

Here we are in 2011 and still yet only a handful of artists are staying afloat. At this point im not sure where the future of Alaskan Hip Hop lies or if there truly is one. Right now Jak Frost, UNDB and Josh Boots are in the forefront. Much of the 907’s music scene is dependent on these artist and how much we as a state support them.

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