Pen and paper have become a way of life for many rappers in the industry however, Jerremy Santacrose AKA AKream of Arctic Flow Records, doesn’t allow the lines of college ruled paper to restrict his creativity. After more than 15 years of rapping, sculpting his lyrical skills and nearly perfecting his craft, Akream has reached the point of paper-free song creation; a level of a ingenious that even the best fall short of.

Making an exception to the rule that “practice makes perfect, “he has discovered his own recipe for musical success. The combination of his natural ability to flow, real everyday experiences, and an authentic yet exclusive style is what separates this artist from the rest.At first glance he’s best described as simple and reserved, from his plain all white sneakers to his lax fitted jeans. On the contrary, his tracks are unique and filled with an unsuppressed realness a style that was developed through years of unspoken struggle and hardship. As the oldest of eight siblings, in a home far from “All American,” AKream learned quickly the essence of Darwin’s theory that only the strong survive.

Though his passion for hip-hop is indescribable, the realist with-in the artist recognized that above anythingelse existed the need to live. On track two of his album “Digital Penetration” he states, “Hip-hop’s secondary to me, that means money comes first the game is carrying me.” At a very young age the rapper was faced with what appeared to be his only two options: legitimate failure or illicit success. Attempting to go against the grain, Akream chased legitimate success and set out to California. He returned to Alaska with a song recording in one hand and a platform for Arctic Flow Records in the other. In early 2000 the artist redeveloped a relationship with present members Josh Boots, Soil Seed, and Nauseas after listening to their mixtape entitle “Star Spangled Grammar.” That reunion sparked the birth of Arctic Flow as we know it.

Arctic Flow Records has become a major success for both the artist and the Alaskan music scene. The Arctic Flow logo, a pitbull chained to an igloo, has become an iconic symbol not only because of its distinctness, but because of the talent and history it represents. The label is one of Akream’s two major victories. Ice Box Entertainment, another avenue for local talent, is the other. Unlike Arctic Flow, Ice Box Entertainment does not consist of emcees alone. After launching talented battle rapper Phonetic, his first artist signed to Ice Box, Akream acknowledged the need to diversify his vision and expanded to include a DJ and a production team. Ice Box Entertainment still continues to grow. The ambitious artist has many other endeavors anticipated for the near future some of which are not musically related. Stay tuned!!!Although much of his visions are lived through others, the artist himself is an extraordinary lyricist. His talent, passion and natural ability to flow is illustrated through each of his tracks. From play to finish Akream provides his listeners with a musical journey.

The architecture of his music is built much like a movie and is intended to be review from start to finish as a whole. The well thought out structure has developed a cult following, due to the relationship built through his songs. His musical influences include Three 6 Mafia in its 1995 era and Wu Tang Clan. His admiration comes from many aspects of their careers but above all is their ability to create music that is avoided by many and loved by few; yet the few followers’ are avid and overly devoted listeners. Their music is one of kind and is intended to strike the attention of an exclusive audience. He strives to construct a similar fan base and with each smashing hit released, he is brought closer.Akream, a name questioned by fan and cynic alike, is a mesh between the abbreviation of Alaska and the word cream.While his name has its origination, it has also become synonymous with dedication and success.

With his career on the rise, a much anticipated album release, and the development of both Arctic Flow and Ice Box Entertainment he is kept occupied. Even so, he finds time to strategize his next moves. Currently he is stirring up ideas and concepts for his next two albums. Akream’s skill, motivation and eagerness are contagious. The combination of those qualities is what has won the loyalty of his fans. He has certainly made a name for himself and on a larger scale; he has set a standard for all Alaskan Hip-Hop artists.



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